BridgeConnex will monitor and manage all your public internet connections, even if you are not a BridgeConnex Customer. You will have one PORTAL to see all bandwidth utilization and other critical statistics for performance on all of your internet connections regardless of what carrier or where they are. Hold Your carriers to thier SLA’s , know exactly how long an outage really was or what the latency is. You can download the APP and also see it on your IPAD or Smartphone. Total Visibility and Total control and all provided by your trusted independent partner.


  1. Network Monitoring Services (NMS): When we Monitor and Notify Only – then we will email you if circuit is down or if it is not responding.
  2. Managed Network Services (MNS): When we Manage the Connection then we will see it down after a few pings and then troubleshoot and open a ticket with the respective carrier and stay on that ticket 24/7 – 365.

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